The Ferro’s of Little York, NY, have been creating art of all mediums,
and selling on the road for many years.  Their work has been
represented in art galleries, museums and at shows all over the U.S.
as well as parts of Europe.  As a joint venture between Carole and
Tino Ferro, and two of their six children, Tony and Selinda, they have
formed the “Frog Pond Farm Folk Art Gallery” which is located on
Route 281 in Little York.  The word ferro, in some languages
describes “ferrous” metal, a metal containing iron such as steel,
which is the material used to do their best and most popular work.  
They work with about 90% recycled or “preused” material which
makes their style very unique.  The name “Ferroart” was developed
to describe the art they do as a group.  They also work in different
mediums as individuals.